Safety Vent Style

Safety Vent Series

(Zero Pressure Connect and Disconnect Design)

ZSi-Foster SV and SVPC Series Safety Vent couplings are designed for maximum user and equipment safety. Foster SV and SVPC Series couplings allow for safe and easy connection/disconnection under zero line pressure to minimize the possibility of inadvertent disconnection and potential hose whip.

The fully encapsulated non-marring models significantly reduce the risk of surface nicks and scratches. Ideal for use in paint booth applications or for air lines used around finished surfaces, such as fiberglass, painted metal or glass surfaces.

Safety Vent Series (SV and SVPC)
Specifications: Features:
Seal: Buna-N • Made in the USA

• Rubber or polyurethane hose connections available

• Extra thick heat-treated steel walls extend service life

• Zero pressure connect/disconnect design vents down stream pressure for safe, easy connect/disconnect. It also minimizes possible inadvertent disconnection and potentially dangerous hose whip

• "O-ring" plug seal for leak-free performance

• No valve, spring, or washer that could block flow of air.

• Silicone-free assembly.

• Meets ISO 4414, 9.6 Quick-Action Couplings requirements:

Quick-Action (quick release) couplings shall be selected so that when they are coupled or uncoupled
a) the coupling shall not be forced apart in a hazardous manner
b) compressed air particles shall not be expelled in a hazardous manner
c) a controlled pressure-release system shall be provided where a hazard may exist.
Material: Zinc-plated steel, Acetal Copolymer outside cover, Steel internals
Rated Pressure: 300 psig
Working Pressure: 300 PSIG, vacuum to 26" Hg
Temperature Range 0° to +150° F
Body Sizes: 1/4" to 3/4" Industrial Interchange Design
Connections Sizes: 1/4" to 1" NPT; 1/4" to 3/4" Hose Barb
Interchangeability: Complies with ANSI/NFPA T3.20.14-1990, IS0 6150-B, & ISO 4414
Locking Device: Stainless Steel Balls
Force Required to Connect: Less than 10 lbs

SV and SVPC Series Safety Vent couplers are nearly effortless to connect and great for hose use. They are also especially useful for single-hand operation when they are mounted to hard lines such as an overhead air drop.

ZSi-Foster SV or SVPC Series couplers are the ultimate solution to accidental disconnect hose whip dangers.

Once inserted into the SV or SVPC socket, the plug is lightly gripped and will stay in place allowing the operator to use the same hand to slide the sleeve straight forward to the "on" position.

SV or SVPC Series sockets can also be used as a 3-way valve to turn off the flow of air and exhaust the downstream pressure without disengaging the plug. By turning and sliding the sleeve to the "exhaust" position, downstream air pressure is relieved but the plug remains locked in place.