Lincoln Interchange


Foster LN Series couplings are interchangeable with Lincoln’s “Long Nose” series couplings and offer quick coupling of all air-operated equipment. They are only available in 1⁄4" body size, brass and steel construction.



  • Locking feature prevents accidental coupler detachment
  • Increased air flow due to a larger air passage
  • Automatic air check valve shuts off air instantly when uncoupled, providing leak-proof seal
  • Corrosion-resistant steel for long service life
  • Free swivel helps prevent kinking or curling of air hoses


  • Type: One Way Shut-Off
  • Rated Pressure: 300 PSIG
  • Temperature Range (std seals): -40° to +250°F
  • Locking Device: Balls or pins


  • Manual - socket sleeve must be retracted to connect and disconnect
  • Automatic - Push to Connect, retract socket sleeve to disconnect