U Series - Universal Couplers

(Universal Coupler - Accepts J Series, O Series & B Series Couplers)

Universal Couplers - U Series
Specifications Features:
Temperature Range: -40° to +250° F • The 1⁄4" Universal Coupler will accept the Industrial Interchange series, "J" series (Tru-Flate) & "O" Series (ARO-210) Plugs.

• The coupler features automatic push-to-connect operation, high flow machined "window valve" and a sleeve guard which helps prevent accidental disconnects and protects the sleeve from damage.

• While the best quick coupling performance is obtained by matching like series sockets and plugs, the universal coupler permits multiple series plugs to mate with one socket.
Rated Pressure: 150 psig
Locking Device: Stainless Steel Balls
Vacuum Service: Not Recommended