1/4" 1-Way Valved Sockets-FJT Series

Foster Manufacturing FJT Series 1/4" 1-Way Valved Socket couplers are designed to connect coolant lines to plastic molds and die casting dies. Sockets have hose stems, either standard hose or “Push-on” type, for direct connection to the coolant line going to the manifold. Seal compound is silicone for use with water, ethylene glycol, or air.


  • Precision leakproof seal is silicone
  • Two piece construction on straight stem sockets
  • Double knurl on socket sleeve for easier grip
  • Sockets have six balls

Type: 1-Way

Interchangeability: DME Jiffy-Tite and Jiffy-Matic and Parker Moldmate couplers

Operation: Manual - Socket sleeve must be manually retracted to connect and disconnect

Options: Ball Lock (BL) - Locks manual socket against accidental disconnect. To connect, align ball with slot. After connection, rotate sleeve to lock. To disconnect, realign ball with slot and retract sleeve.


Temperature Range: -90° to 440° F

Rated Pressure: 200 PSIG

Performance Data Flow
Water - GPM
10 PSIG Pressure Drop
FJT 1/4" Straight-Thru 4.5
FJT 1/4" V One Way (valved) 2.3
FJT 3/8" Straight-Thru 10
FJT 3/8" HF High Flow 13.8
FJT 3/8" V One Way (valved) 5.9
FJT 1/2" Straight-Thru 28.2