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    ZSi-Foster 4 Series 3/8" x 3/8" I.D. Brass 1-Way Automatic Hose Stem Socket sleeve type couplings are widely used to connect air and low pressure fluid lines. Their compact and economical design uses a ball locking mechanism consisting of captive stainless steel balls that engage the locking groove on the mating plug. Interchangeable with ANSI/NFPA T3.20.14-1990 & ISO 6150-B. Requires Hose Clamp (See page 200 of the catalog for typical hose clamps). Working Pressure: 300 psig, vacuum to 27" Hg Temp Range: -40° to 250°F Locking Device: Stainless Steel Balls High flow metal valves. Wide range of body sizes, materials, options and end terminations are available to meet specific needs.

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